the face of dream

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

we'be been together for eight months this November 11th..

bad times, good times, laugh, miss, tears, pride, anger, egos, distance, love...
it grows.

saya ngga pernah tau akan seperti ini kejadiannya,
yang saya tau, bertemu kamu.. seperti dituntun tangan Allah, rasanya.
for almost 2 years we've known each other, and finally met at March 2nd 2011.

tanpa banya kata lagi,
i just want y'all to see.. the face of dream ( of mine) ..

i saw him on youtube when  i missed to see his face...  (oh Thank Allah, my lover is a rockstar :p )

he sent me his morning faces when theres a billion distance between us..
he's on a tour, and i'm busy with mine.

( ps: i'm lovin your morning faces, Hon :* )

photo taken by @badgersinvaders

again, Thank Allah my lover workin as a bassist player for Rocket Rockers, so i can see him  'everywhere'
( read : twitter or youtube)

" mencintaimu... menyederhanakan mimpiku.. "


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